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Re: Eating Disorder, Personality Disorder - Need a shoulder ......

Naturally I feel a  bit down and blue @Sherry , anyone would in my position, but I have to place trust in my doctor, and comply with his advice and expertise.


I can't see any other options, this is why the hospital exists, and I know that I can't possibly tackle this on my own. It's just not humanly possible, depression distorts your thought processes and I need other people to give me different perspectives and challenge those thoughts. Wasn't it John Lennon that said "life is what happens when we are making other plans"...


It is draining wading through the muck.


But its ironic. I feel like I am at the lowest point of my life, I have finally reached the bottom, and yet, I am the most clear I have ever been. Crystal clear memories, and crystal clear time line and sense of truth. All the fragments of my past have come together, but what is left is my broken heart Smiley Sad


I am grounded @Sherry in the honeymoon suite, anxiously awaiting the asteroid and shooting star you have sent me, and dying for a home cooked meal.


But you have done a wondrous job with my hair! And boy did I need that hot tub!

Thank you so much sweetness, you are too kind.


@Faith-and-Hope I hope that you are getting some respite with your husband away. Maybe this increases the pressure on you though, and you get orders from afar.....but with a bit of luck you are sleeping well and enjoying some time off.


I haven't painted this week, but hope to dabble on the weekend if I am stronger but I'm not putting any pressure on myself this week, a lot came up at the family meeting with my doctor and my head is swimming. 


Corny HeartHeart

Re: Eating Disorder, Personality Disorder - Need a shoulder ......

❀️ Hugs @Corny ..... thinking of you.


πŸ’ @Sherry 

Re: Need a shoulder ...

Hi @Faith-and-Hope just wanted to stop in and send some hugs. I know theres lots happening for you atm. Hoping you get moments to breathe too ❀

Re: Need a shoulder ...

πŸ’œπŸŒ·πŸ’ž @outlander  ..... doing okay.


Continuing to think of you @Corny πŸš°πŸ› ...... and leaving πŸ’œπŸ’πŸ’• here for @Sherry too.


Re: Need a shoulder ...

😘😘🌹🎨@faith-and-hope πŸ’•

Re: Need a shoulder ...

Thinking of you too @Faith-and-Hope @Sherry @outlander @Shaz51 and hope that you are all relaxing and enjoying a coffee or cuppa somewhere. 


I haven't been doing any painting @Faith-and-Hope....but hopefully with some luck I will do some tomorrow. I hope that your husband is OK at present and that you are getting some respite or a little break,


Corny xx

Re: Need a shoulder ...

Hi @Corny  πŸ‘‹ πŸ’•


Have has a break in that hubby has been away ..... he took D2 and headed back to the west earlier

than the mid-semester break , because he was panicking a bit about one over there.


Thise of us here tend to fall into a bit of a no-energy heap when that happens, probably because the tension and intense structure of the day (his day, which is tiring to watch and to work around) is so suddenly removed.  We are all getting longer, but more broken sleep ..... and feeling tired on waking, but still restoring energy levels underbeath the backwash, it seems.  It’s a strange way of resting, but we come out of it like it was a rest anyway .....


Hoping that makes some sense to you, and I think it will.  This kind of life is full of contradictions.


I painted in a studio class this morning πŸ’• .... hoping you get to some too, soon.

Re: Need a shoulder ...

Re: Need a shoulder ...

πŸ’œπŸ’• @Shaz51 

Re: Need a shoulder ...

@Corny @Shaz51 @Faith-and-Hope πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’šβ€

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