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Community Wrap


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@Smc we wanted to celebrate you and your ongoing empathetic and understanding posts in the carers area! You offer your perspective and experiences in a thoughtful way such as here 

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Special Topic Tuesday Event: Focus Group// Treatment and support for people experiencing personality...

This discussion will be part of a research project being conducted by SANE for the National Mental Health Commission, hoping to hear from you about your loved one’s experiences accessing support and treatment services in Australia, and your own experiences seeking support as a carer.

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I just love him how he is, I know you do too, Your love wlll help your loved one, but remember to look after number 1. Socialize when you can, go for walks, meditate, give your mind the rest it needs.

–  @Grasshopper3 (read more here)


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Re: Community Wrap

New Community Wrap is up everyone!